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Well today was the first day of spring, but you would not know it in Maggie Valley. We awoke to rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow and whatever other wintry precipitation is possible. Amazingly they did not cancel or delay school, but there is always tomorrow. For those of you who do not live here during the winter you probably think that we are so used to wintry weather that the schools never shut down. Not exactly. Sometimes if there is even a hint of snow the schools shut down. We joke about it, but when you really look closely there is a good explanation. The school district follows the philosophy that if one student is unable to get to school then it is unfair to that student so......close the schools to all. With some folks living well above 4000 feet it can be very tricky getting down or up. We have some clients who could tell you a good story of Christine and I showing property to them a few days after some wintry precipitation. On a clear sunny day we hit a sheet of ice and were inches from sliding off the side of the mountain. I still think we would of been ok, but the Jeep would have been seriously injured. It all turned out good. We got pulled out and the clients bought the lot that we were going to look at (with a contigency that the broken culvert that caused the ice be repaired of course). Hope to see the sun tomorrow!

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