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Wondering How the Market is Doing?

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Well, the biggest question we have gotten lately is "How is the market in Haywood County? because our market is soft". I have listed some key stats from the first of this year through today (June 16, 2006) and have included the stats for the same time period last year. Some interesting numbers!

2005: Closed Listings 399
2006: Closed Listings 443

2005: Average List Price $234,035
2006: Average List Price $246,675

2005: Average Sell Price $219,340
2006: Average Sell Price $234,210

2005: List to Sell % 93.7
2006: List to Sell % 94.9

2005: Average Days on Market 143 days (closed listings)
2006: Average Days on Market 126 days (closed listings)

2005: Expired Listings 300
2006: Expired Listings 199

All indicators are pointing to a very strong market and we expect it to grow further now that we are in the busy summer selling season. Do not wait to long to hop in!