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Maggie Valley Home For Sale

We would like to welcome you to preview this great home at an Open House TODAY! from 11:30-2:00.

HWY 19 into Maggie Valley to left onto Bradley St to home on right #370.

Here is the MLS desciption:

Perfect mountain home for large family residence or summer family get-away. With 4 bedrooms and living rooms on both levels there is plenty of room to spread out. You have to see the covered deck off the main level complete with fireplace and flat screen TV. The home has been totally renovated and also offers a flat 1.1 acre yard with garden space, separate outbuilding for workshop or storage, and large driveway.

Haywood County Real Estate Update


I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend! It was a gorgeous weekend in the mountains of Western North Carolina! To answer the most important question up front, YES! The market is picking up in the mountains. We are seeing very heavy traffic during the weekends especially on festival weekends.

I pulled some comparison statistics looking at ALL transactions from the beginning of the year through today. This includes residential, condo, townhouse, vacant land, etc. This will give you a glimpse of our markets performance through the first 5 months of the year compared to last year.

1/1/08- 5/27/08: 1/1/07-5/27/07:

Total Sold: 315 540

Listing Price Avg: $216,247 $220,702

Selling Price Avg: $200,087 $208,346

List to Sell Ratio: 92.5% 94.4%

Days on Market: 194 196

The numbers say it all! We are down significantly over last year. We are very confident that the market will pick up steam into the summer and fall months and the final numbers will not be as bad. As I have said in numerous other reports, pricing is the most important key in this buyers market.

Good Bye to Dr. Landon McGary DDS

Haywood County had a chance to say good bye to "Landy" Wednesday evening at the viewing and Thursday at the funeral. Hundreds of friends, family, patients, etc turned out to pay their respects. What is most amazing is how everyone talked about what a kind person Landon was and how he made everyone feel special. He was one of a kind!

I personally was able to share a story that involved my daughter about 6-8 months ago and I was shocked that Landon's family already knew the story. Landon knew that he did something special and I will owe him for it forever. And the story goes like this:

As Landon's Realtor on a particular home in Clyde, NC Landon met me at the house to take another look at the home. He had his son with him and I had my daughter (3 years old). We were in the basement which was unfinished with a concrete floor. As we were walking up the stairs of the basement to leave, my daughter missed a step and fell off the stairs head first towards the concrete. She was about 5-6 feet off the floor when she fell. As quick as she was heading towards the cement floor Landon reached out with his right hand and grabbed her by her ankle and pulling her back up. Landon actually hurt his shoulder and felt that it slipped out a bit. Of course we were all amazed, but we will always be in his debt for saving our daughter from a serious outcome.

We heard numerous stories of this caring man, husband, father, friend, and dentist. The world has lost one of the great ones and will never forget his time with us. Good bye Landon and we miss you!


  1. Ken Guess on

    I'm the dentist who is picking up the torch for Landon. I've just purchased his practice today. Although I did not know Landon personally, I did have dealings with him at the local dental society meetings. He was active in the society and proved to be tremendous asset. I have never heard an untoward remark about Landon. The word "Love" was the common thread from everyone that knew him. I accept the torch from Landon with great humility and promise that I will take care of his patients and try to fulfill his dreams as he would want me to.

    Haywood Regional Medical Center Update

    May 22, 2008

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: HRMC passes inspection; Medicare funding restored

    Medicare inspectors from the N.C. Division of Health Service Regulation completed their full survey exit interview on Thursday afternoon and determined that Haywood Regional Medical Center is in compliance with the federal requirements set forth in the Medicare Conditions of Participation.

    HRMC's coverage is restored and effective immediately. In addition, the following private insurers have reinstated coverage at HRMC: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna Healthcare, Crescent, Medcost and all Medicare Advantage plans are accepted.

    "This is a new beginning for Haywood Regional Medical Center. Everyone has worked for this recertification," said Al Byers, CEO.

    "We can now get back to our mission of caring for our patients and caring for our community. Our citizens can be proud of our hospital and feel confident to turn to HRMC for their healthcare needs."

    Eileen Lipham, vice president of professional services, led the hospital-wide initiative for re-certification.

    "The success of this survey is due to the efforts of every single employee who came together as a team to look at ourselves, analyze our systems and find ways to work better together to achieve higher standards of health care. I am proud of their tireless work, commitment and focus on patient care," said Lipham.

    Lipham also said she feels confident in HRMC employees' continuing accountability and improvement activities, which she said will translate into positive patient experiences and improved patient safety.

    "The new systems are sustainable and mechanisms are in place to detect when processes are going well and to alert early on when problems emerge" she said.

    Other continued initiatives on the HRMC Board level include revision of the hospital bylaws and expansion of the board to 12 members by 2009; the search for a new CEO; and the Future Directions Committee's exploration of options for future organizational alternatives and affiliations. In addition, a HRMC Community Relations Council is being formed to gather public input.

    "The future holds exciting opportunities for our hospital and our community.

    Our performance improvement process and procedures is active in all areas of the hospital and our physicians and board will sense the energy of renewal,"

    said Byers. "We are pleased that this survey is completed and we are prepared for additional surveys."

    The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations survey is expected in the near future.

    "I want to thank our community again for their tremendous support, which has meant a great deal to our employees and to me, personally," added Lipham.


    1. More Information on

      Wow, a couple of pretty good points! I appreciate you penning this posting and the remainder of your web site is top-notch!

      A Tribute To Mr. Landon McGary DDS

      Realty World Heritage is greatly saddened to report the death of local Maggie Valley dentist Landon McGary. Landon was killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend and leaves behind his wife and 4 year old son. Landon has helped so many in our community and was an all around great guy, husband, father, friend, and dentist. We are devasted at the news and ask all to keep his wife, son, and entire family in your prayers. Funeral arrangements should be announced in the next day or so. We will miss you Landon!


      1. Julie on

        Dr. Brent A Bradford and Staff would like to send our deepest sympathy to the Family of Dr. Landon McGary. We knew Angela and him back in Syracuse, New York. What a great couple and an outstanding dentist. Our thoughts are with you in this time of need. Dr. Brent A. Bradford and Staff Liverpool/Syracuse, New York
        • admin on

          Julie, Thank you for your kind message about Landon on behalf of Dr. Bradford. My wife and I will be sure that Angela sees your message. The funeral was yesterday and was very difficult for all that attended. Tom and Christine Mallette
          • Darin McGary on

            Thanks to all who have us in their thoughts and prayers through all of this- he will be very deeply missed. Sincerely, Darin McGary (his oldest brother)
            • Mallette Real Estate Inc. on

              Suny Upstate Medical University Dental Clinic, Dr. Terrance Thines, Dr. Patrick Smith and the entire staff send their sincere sympathy to the family of Landon McGary. Landon will be sadly missed by all of us. Thoughts and prayers to Angela and Aiden.

              Story of Home in Waynesville North Carolina

              The rain was beating softly against the window panes on the side of the house making the 110 year old glass appear even stranger than it already looked. When glass sits in a widow frame that long it has all kinds of waves, lines, bubbles, and odd shapes. I would try to imagine what pictures the clear drops were painting on the glass as I listened to the gentle beats.

              Trying to concentrate on what I really needed to be doing the rain was lulling me to into a state of relaxation. Not knowing if what I was hearing was actually part of a dream that I was slipping into or an actual voice, I was suddenly aroused by the fact that I heard my name being called. "Sue" It was my mom, or so I thought. Oh, I was sure of it. I even heard her footsteps as she was climbing the stairs. I couldn't believe that with all I had to do I had allowed myself the luxury of getting into such a relaxed state that I was ready to fall asleep. Getting up off the chair that I had been so comfortable in just a few moments earlier, I answered her. "Yes Mom, what do you need?" No response. "Mom?" I walked to the foyer and bent over the wooden railing. The stairway was empty. As I descended into a quick run down the stairs I reached the bottom calling her name again as I felt the old oak boards under my feet. I felt myself getting annoyed that she wasn't answering me. Walking down the hallway I peeked into her sitting room. There she was fast asleep in her chair, mouth gaping and her chest gently rising and falling with each breath that she was taking.

              No, It definitely wasn't her that I heard calling me. Was it a dream after all or was it just another weird encounter here at our home on Pigeon St? There have been so many here since we purchased our house. I realize that they have become just part of weekly if not sometimes daily experiences. I am fully awake now. I realize that this was probably just what he wanted. Maybe somehow he knew that I did not need to be resting. The fog is lifting and I am reflecting on the past ten years and our experiences. It is time now to sell this great old house and I am sad. Not only because of all the love and hard work, trials and tribulations that have made us stronger, but also because we will be leaving behind a part of out lives that has been quite annoying at times but also has added interest and fun. It is like we will be leaving behind an old friend.

              -- Susan

              Surprise Rebound in housing, Outlook Still Shaky

              By Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer

              Friday May 16, 11:24 am ET

              Housing posts surprising rebound in April on apartment construction, outlook still shaky

              WASHINGTON (AP) -- Construction of new homes posted the biggest increase in more than two years in April. While it was a rare spot of good news for the housing market, analysts said it's far too soon to declare an end to the prolonged slump.

              The Commerce Department reported Friday that housing construction rose by 8.2 percent in April to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.03 million units. Building of single-family homes continued to weaken, however. The growth came from a big jump in apartment construction.

              Analysts predicted the surprising rebound in April would be temporary given the headwinds builders are still confronting, from slumping sales to soaring home foreclosures.

              "It is definitely too early to uncork the champagne on the long and winding road to more-healthy housing-market conditions," said Brian Bethune, an economist at Global Insight. He said he did not expect housing activity to stabilize until the end of this year.

              The prolonged slump in housing has been a major drag on the overall economy, raising worries that the country is in danger of falling into a recession. A second report Friday showed that consumer confidence as measured by the University of Michigan/Reuters survey fell to a 28-year low of 59.5 in early May, down from 62.6 in April. The drop was blamed in part on rising concerns about higher gas and food prices.

              The strength in housing construction in April came entirely from a huge increase in apartment construction, which can be extremely volatile from month to month. Building of apartments, defined as two or more units, jumped by 36 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 340,000 units.

              The larger single-family sector dropped by 1.7 percent to an annual rate of 692,000 units. It was the 12th consecutive monthly decline and pushed single-family building activity to its lowest point in 17 years, since a severe housing slump in the early 1990s.

              Applications for building permits, considered a good sign of future activity, also recorded an increase in April, rising by 4.9 percent to 978,000 units. It was the first gain in permits in five months.

              But economists believe housing construction will remain under pressure until builders have more success in reducing a huge backlog of unsold homes.

              That effort is being made more difficult by a record wave of foreclosures as millions of borrowers lose their homes because they cannot keep up with escalating payments, particularly on subprime mortgages, loans extended to people with weak credit histories.

              By region of the country, construction posted the largest gain in the Midwest, an increase of 24.4 percent when compared to March. Construction rose 18.5 percent in the West and was up 3.6 percent in the South. However, construction fell by 12.7 percent in the Northeast.

              Even with the improvement, housing construction nationwide was 30.6 percent below the level of activity a year ago.

              The National Association of Home Builders reported Thursday that its monthly survey of builder sentiment edged down in May to a reading of 19, just above the all-time low of 18 set in December. The survey had held steady at the low level of 20 from February through April.

              David Seiders, the group's chief economist, said that conditions in the industry have continued to deteriorate.

              Brits Buy Real Estate in Maggie Valley, NC

              With interest rates at an all time low and favourable exchange rates between the Euro (or the British Pound) and the dollar; this is an advantage to the out-of-country investor. The similarity between the justice system and the safety of an area such as Maggie Valley adds to the appeal.

              Investors see opportunities available here in the States at this time. Vacation rentals provide a source of income and the opportunity for the owners to come and visit over the years and stay in their own home. UK buyers enjoy the quality of life here.

              They appreciate the affordability index in both the purchase of the home as well as the furniture and accessories. Everything is more affordable from entertainment, food and gas to clothing and luxury items such as computers and I-pods. This is the good life!


              1. Elden Sangster on

                I really enjoyed how thoroughly you covered the topic. Are there other things that I should know about this?

                Why people from the UK buy in Maggie Valley

                In the past UK tourists visited Florida, California and NYC because these were the "˜in places' to visit. It is cheaper than most parts of Europe and there is no language barrier.

                Today the UK tourists are still looking for good value, as the rate of exchange is even better now. They tend to travel to other US destinations as well, such as Maggie Valley, North Carolina or having stag or hen nights in Vegas. A lot of families have children that they take to Disneyworld etc. They like buying clothes in the US; this is one of the big attractions at the moment. In recent years the exchange rate went from approximately $1.75 to over $2 equal to the £1.

                The U.K. weather is unpredictable. We had a very wet April here in Ascot but May so far, has been warmer than usual. We had a rough summer last year but could have a good summer this year.

                In the USA, restaurants are cheaper, gas is more affordable, the weather is more predictable, and the place as a whole is a good deal. These factors make the USA a consideration for a vacation or for its investment potential in real estate.

                -Bon and Penny - Ascot, Berkshire, UK

                Buffett Real Estate CEO Sees Housing Comeback

                The battered housing market has steadied and is ready to bounce back off an inevitable pullback from its boom times in the earlier part of the decade, said Ron Peltier, the CEO at Warren Buffett's Homeservices of America real estate company.

                "I think the real truth is the market has been in a phase of correction," Peltier said on CNBC this morning. "We are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel."

                At the same time, Peltier gave a candid analysis of what led to the housing meltdown in the first place. He said the market sprinted ahead of itself price-wise, while unscrupulous lenders and appraisers compounded the industry's problems by putting too many people in houses they couldn't afford. "We knew it was an overheated market," Peltier said. "There were people for the first time ever having opportunity to buy part of the American dream under credit conditions and credit guidelines that were very, very shaky at best. "And they were buying at the peak of the market with very low teaser rates, not fully understanding the implications of that adjustable-rate mortgage setting some time in the future and the probability that they could not afford that home under the new reset conditions. That's a travesty, because there are a lot of people that got hurt."

                Peltier put much of the blame squarely on lenders who often doled out mortgages that did not require documentation regarding assets or income. "A lot of people bought ahead of themselves," he said. "Frankly, I think to some degree the lending industry, the mortgage business, lost its moral compass in terms of providing the proper credit standards and qualifications."

                As for how things shape up going forward, Peltier said market has returned to its pre-boom times, with home sales tracking at about 5 million annually."I think that's a normalized market and I think that's a sustainable level," he said. But he divides the market into two parts: the primary market of discretionary sellers, and the distressed market, which includes some of the areas that saw the meteoric rise and now are suffering the consequences of excess. "Housing prices are still within 8 to 10 percent of all-time highs," Peltier said. "The markets that have fallen off the most are actually the markets that were the most overheated."

                Speculators hurt those markets, with 25 percent of all sales from 2001 to 2006 going to those betting on making quick profits rather than buying homes in which they planned to live for an extended period. As the market normalizes, Peltier believes stability will return and prices and sales numbers will get back to sustainable levels. He worries, though, about pressure on the consumer from soaring fuel costs and tightened credit standards at the institutions that were beaten down by the collapse of the subprime lending market. "Buying a home is a function of how they can finance it," Peltier said. "If credit standards are extremely tough and expensive, the ability to close a sale is that much more difficult."

                He called on Congress to find a workable solution to the housing crisis, something that has been elusive as the legislators and President Bush spar over who should benefit from pending legislation.

                On the broader political landscape, Peltier said the housing industry generally does better when Republicans are in office, though he did not endorse a specific candidate in the presidential race. "There has been more showboating and discussion than actual rubber that meets the road," he said regarding the legislative impasse. "The fact of the matter is we really need to have some new legislation in place to slow down and stall the foreclosures where people basically bought into a home under mortgage financing programs they didn't understand."

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