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Haywood County Real Estate: Residential Sales through 4/30/08

Prices continue to decline in Haywood County which again is good news for buyers wanting to buy in the mountains. Below are some comparative statistics for January 1, 2007 through April 30, 2007 and the same period this year. These statistics are for residential sales including condos and townhomes.


Closed Listings: 269
Average Listing Price: $263,298
Average Selling Price: $249,091
List/Sell Ratio: 94.6%
Average Days on Market: 141
Closed Listings: 175
Average Listing Price: $255,570
Average Selling Price: $239,245
List/Sell Ratio: 93.6%
Average Days on Market: 169
As you can see average listing and sales prices are down, list to sale ratio is down, and average days on the market is up in 2008. Again, the silver lining is lower prices, greater negotiation ability, and greater choice of homes. As history has proved time and time again, the best time to buy is when everyone else is selling!

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  1. NC Resident on

    Most informative site in the county. We enjoy keeping up with the information through this site.
    • admin on

      Thank you! Our goal is to be the most informative! We will try to keep up with your expectations. Please visit often!