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Western North Carolina Real Estate and Realty World-Heritage Goes Global

Realty World Heritage Realty is proud to announce that we have taken our marketing efforts to another level. Understanding that our unique market is down due to the economy, inflation, and most importantly the fact that our main buyer pool, Floridians are suffering their worst real estate market in decades. During 2004 to 2006 when real estate was booming across the country and especially the mountains of Western North Carolina we would estimate that over 90% of our buyers were from Florida. We are still seeing Florida buyers, but obviously in reduced numbers.

So, as we continue our traditional marketing methods including local print advertising, internet blasts, open houses, direct mail, etc. We have also reached "over the pond". During the month of May we are running an ad in a British magazine called "A Place in the Sun". We had the opportunity to meet some folks from the magazine out in Las Vegas last November at the National Association of Realtors Convention and were very impressed with their publication.

Recognizing that the US dollar is continuing to plummet against overseas currency it is a great time to buy for overseas investors. This is happening in bigger markets in the US especially in Florida. It is our goal to tap into the UK and European market of investors and inform them about Maggie Valley, Waynesville, and all of Western North Carolina. With our temperate climate, four seasons, and abundance of activities it is just a matter of getting the word out to overseas investors. We believe once they get here they will be "sold" like so many other visitors.

"A Place in the Sun" calls themselves "The UK's Best-Selling Overseas Property Magazine" and they have a very good distribution base. The magazine features properties and destinations to buy real estate all over the world. At this time we are trying to convince the editor that a feature on our area would be very helpful to its readers. If you want to email him and let him know how beautiful an area it is please email Richard Way: . We would love for him to feature our area and your comments may assist in convincing him that a feature is warranted.

Results? Well it may be to early to tell and like any print ad there is no way of telling how many people actually viewed the ad. Or is there? With the power of the internet, our website, and google analytics we can track how many people are coming to our site, how many pages they visit, and how long they stay on the site. Incredibly, we can also track what countries and cities within the countries the users are coming from. Since the add has come out our hits from the UK have increased 45-50% in the first two weeks of the release. This does not tell us how many viewed the ad, but with the increase it does tell us that some readers saw the ad, clicked on our site, and searched for a while. With a shelf life of 6 weeks we are eager to see how many more "hits" we get from the UK and beyond.

As Realty World Heritage explores other marketing avenues and continues to think "outside the box",we are excited to see if we can attract buyers outside of our traditional areas. The word "globalization" has been a buzz word for the last few years and I believe that we will see more overseas investments outside of the traditional markets and within lesser known areas. The power of information exchange and the internet strikes again. We would love to hear your comments!