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Why people from the UK buy in Maggie Valley

In the past UK tourists visited Florida, California and NYC because these were the "˜in places' to visit. It is cheaper than most parts of Europe and there is no language barrier.

Today the UK tourists are still looking for good value, as the rate of exchange is even better now. They tend to travel to other US destinations as well, such as Maggie Valley, North Carolina or having stag or hen nights in Vegas. A lot of families have children that they take to Disneyworld etc. They like buying clothes in the US; this is one of the big attractions at the moment. In recent years the exchange rate went from approximately $1.75 to over $2 equal to the £1.

The U.K. weather is unpredictable. We had a very wet April here in Ascot but May so far, has been warmer than usual. We had a rough summer last year but could have a good summer this year.

In the USA, restaurants are cheaper, gas is more affordable, the weather is more predictable, and the place as a whole is a good deal. These factors make the USA a consideration for a vacation or for its investment potential in real estate.

-Bon and Penny - Ascot, Berkshire, UK

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