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Story of Home in Waynesville North Carolina

The rain was beating softly against the window panes on the side of the house making the 110 year old glass appear even stranger than it already looked. When glass sits in a widow frame that long it has all kinds of waves, lines, bubbles, and odd shapes. I would try to imagine what pictures the clear drops were painting on the glass as I listened to the gentle beats.

Trying to concentrate on what I really needed to be doing the rain was lulling me to into a state of relaxation. Not knowing if what I was hearing was actually part of a dream that I was slipping into or an actual voice, I was suddenly aroused by the fact that I heard my name being called. "Sue" It was my mom, or so I thought. Oh, I was sure of it. I even heard her footsteps as she was climbing the stairs. I couldn't believe that with all I had to do I had allowed myself the luxury of getting into such a relaxed state that I was ready to fall asleep. Getting up off the chair that I had been so comfortable in just a few moments earlier, I answered her. "Yes Mom, what do you need?" No response. "Mom?" I walked to the foyer and bent over the wooden railing. The stairway was empty. As I descended into a quick run down the stairs I reached the bottom calling her name again as I felt the old oak boards under my feet. I felt myself getting annoyed that she wasn't answering me. Walking down the hallway I peeked into her sitting room. There she was fast asleep in her chair, mouth gaping and her chest gently rising and falling with each breath that she was taking.

No, It definitely wasn't her that I heard calling me. Was it a dream after all or was it just another weird encounter here at our home on Pigeon St? There have been so many here since we purchased our house. I realize that they have become just part of weekly if not sometimes daily experiences. I am fully awake now. I realize that this was probably just what he wanted. Maybe somehow he knew that I did not need to be resting. The fog is lifting and I am reflecting on the past ten years and our experiences. It is time now to sell this great old house and I am sad. Not only because of all the love and hard work, trials and tribulations that have made us stronger, but also because we will be leaving behind a part of out lives that has been quite annoying at times but also has added interest and fun. It is like we will be leaving behind an old friend.

-- Susan

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