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Good Bye to Dr. Landon McGary DDS

Haywood County had a chance to say good bye to "Landy" Wednesday evening at the viewing and Thursday at the funeral. Hundreds of friends, family, patients, etc turned out to pay their respects. What is most amazing is how everyone talked about what a kind person Landon was and how he made everyone feel special. He was one of a kind!

I personally was able to share a story that involved my daughter about 6-8 months ago and I was shocked that Landon's family already knew the story. Landon knew that he did something special and I will owe him for it forever. And the story goes like this:

As Landon's Realtor on a particular home in Clyde, NC Landon met me at the house to take another look at the home. He had his son with him and I had my daughter (3 years old). We were in the basement which was unfinished with a concrete floor. As we were walking up the stairs of the basement to leave, my daughter missed a step and fell off the stairs head first towards the concrete. She was about 5-6 feet off the floor when she fell. As quick as she was heading towards the cement floor Landon reached out with his right hand and grabbed her by her ankle and pulling her back up. Landon actually hurt his shoulder and felt that it slipped out a bit. Of course we were all amazed, but we will always be in his debt for saving our daughter from a serious outcome.

We heard numerous stories of this caring man, husband, father, friend, and dentist. The world has lost one of the great ones and will never forget his time with us. Good bye Landon and we miss you!

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  1. Ken Guess on

    I'm the dentist who is picking up the torch for Landon. I've just purchased his practice today. Although I did not know Landon personally, I did have dealings with him at the local dental society meetings. He was active in the society and proved to be tremendous asset. I have never heard an untoward remark about Landon. The word "Love" was the common thread from everyone that knew him. I accept the torch from Landon with great humility and promise that I will take care of his patients and try to fulfill his dreams as he would want me to.