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Maggie Valley Annexations

As reported in the Mountaineer on Monday June 30, 2008 the Town of Maggie Valley and its leadership approved the annexation of 197 properties, effective June 30, 2009. There was much opposition to the decision which will effect 166 acres or .26 square miles adjacent to existing town boundries.

The areas include: Campbell Woods Subdivision, Evergreen Heights Subdivision, Nottingham, Spring Lake,and Reuben Branch Roads, Wheels Through Time Museum, the righthand side of Evan's Cove Road and Red Ox Circle, Timberline Drive, and Horseshoe Cove Subdivision. Obviously, people in these areas are not happy with the decision due to the increase in their tax burden. In some cases the Town can not offer any further services that are already offered with the exception of a discount on their water and sewer bill.

The annexations take place at a time that state legislators are considering a moratorium against involuntary annexations. The decision will generate $174,764 in additional revenue for Maggie Valley and will cost the town approximately $155,034 in 2009 and $125,049 thereafter.

What do you think about forced annexation? Leave us a comment on your thoughts!

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  1. Mallette Real Estate Inc. on

    I know how these people feel as it was done to us last year. They would not give us a permit to build an addition unless we annexed! My taxes went from an affordable $1,700 per year to now $3,200!(that's more than we paid in FL) All I have to show for it is my nice big brown garbage can that gets picked up once a week, an occasional drive by from the local police and the seldom needed sanding of our roads. Oh and I can't forget we get a discounted sewer rate! Maggie needs to start offering more for our tax dollars such as a grocery store, doctors & dentists and many other needed ammenities. I wonder if Roger McElroy lives in an annexed part of Maggie Valley?