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Maggie Valley Homes For Sale

Nationwide housing inventories continue to climb and we are not different in Maggie Valley. As of today in Maggie Valley (including Ivy Hill Township) there are 312 listings with a price range of $62,000 to $2,980,000.

In the last year in Maggie Valley 120 homes have sold or on average 10 homes a month. Our current absorbtion rate is 31.2 months which means we have just in Maggie Valley over 2.5 years worth of inventory.

Are you a buyer? Get off the fence and find the deals. There are plenty out there. Come to our home buying seminar and we will have plenty of specials and deals.

Are you a seller? Get your price down! You are losing money everyday the home stays on the market. If you think you will hold out for a better market it could be years. We do not have a crystal ball, but all economic indicators are not positive. Get it sold now or risk losing even more.

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