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Inauguration Day!

I spent most the day wathing history along millions of others around the world. We forget sometimes how free our society really is an peaceful transfer of power does much to prove it. We say good bye to President Bush and I personally thank him for one thing, keeping my family and our country safe. It may take a while, but I believe history will show that he was a great president. Maybe he did not make great decsions on all fronts, but after 911 we knew he would do whatever necessary to keep us safe.

At the same time I welcome President Barack Obama. I wish him luck because god knows he has lots of challenges ahead of him. From watching him today I can say that even though I did not vote for him he has earned my respect. He carried himself very well and you could see that he respected what he was following. If he and congress can work together we may be able to work out of this financial mess.

I love watching history and I think these memories will last a lifetime!

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