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Bailout? Are We Paying Attention?

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I prefer not to use this blog space as a sounding board for more personal beliefs and or complaints, but I am very concerned about this so called bailout. We as Americans better wake up and get involved in our government before we really go off the deep end. It is easy for me to say this and I realize that for generations we did not have to worry about what our government was doing. Yes, we have had issues in history that groups of our society were against issues such as discrimination, wars, and other social issues. What we are seeing with the economy effects everyone in the country!

I lookat those who are representing us and I only see individuals that are trying to do what it right for them so that they can get elected again. Part of me understands, serve a few years or terms and have a golden ticket for insurance coverage and retirement. But I have to believe that there are some in Washington that understand why they are there. We as citizens have to do the uncomfortable and get involved and speak out before our country is spent into the ground.

As a small business owner my business could not survive the way the government has chosen to manage the finances of the country. Times are tough, but the last thing I would do is put my company into further debt to the point that I can not even pay for the interest on the debt. This is what the bailout will do to all us! Have you seen some of the programs that the bailout will support? STD programs? New grass on the national mall? Are you kidding me? Our current President ran on the voice of change, but I am sorry I do not see it. This is not a bailout, but a massive spending program that will increase the size of our government. Do we really want the government to take over the banks, car companies, insurance companies, etc? I do not think so! I hope that the president steps and up and gets rid of the waste in this bill. Americans need assistance today and that can be achieved through instant tax relief. If a worker pays less taxes today they will take home more money next week! Will that not help the families of this country if we can put more money in their pockets today?

I apologize for the rant, but we all need to get some things off our chest! And now I am calling my Representative! Will you do the same?

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