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Thanks for Travelling to Maggie Valley

We have had some great Spring weather since a snow storm brought it about 6 inches several weeks ago. We have been in the upper 70's to mid 80's the last week or so. This past weekend was the first of several Harley Rally's in the Valley and I will have to say it was the most people I have seen in the Valley in 2 years! It was great to see so many come out to enjoy the event and the great weather that we have been enjoying. I also noticed a Clogging Show at the Stomping Ground which brought more people to town. It was nice to see some of the marquees in town thanking folks for traveling. Our economy really depends on it and it is must appreciated to all those that came to our area and bought gas, groceries, stayed at a motel for a few nights, ate out, and visited some of the many attractions.

It also helps our business as new people come to town and see what a wonderful place Haywood County is and they want to come back either to purchase a vacation home or a permanent residence. If you were here and you liked what you saw, come on back!

Thanks for Travelling!

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  1. Bella on

    I JUST LOVE the Maggie Valley/Waynesville area. I'm blessed to have a friend who purchased a condo in the Waynesville area as part of her retirement plan (they plan to relocate permanently in the future). Now, if I can only get my own home sold here in Florida, I'd become a permanent resident of Haywood County myself! In the meantime, I'll continue you enjoy my friend's hospitality and travel up to the stunningly beautiful area of Maggie Valley. PS: I was a participant of the "Thunder in the Smokys" rally of which you speak. Look for me to be there for the fall rally in September. Inbetween, I'll be up there hiking Mt. LeConte and other trails whenever I can!!!! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, great restaurants, and friendly service oriented businesses!