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Unemployment Numbers? Are they forgetting Us? Do They Care?

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It seems daily we are reminded of the unemployment numbers in this country. I have been thinking for over a year now that the true picture of unemployment is very misleading. The reason? I think one of the hardest hit professions of this recession is real estate and more specifically Realtors. It seems we fall through the cracks in many ways. Since we are independent contractors we really do not have a "job". It would be very tough for any of us to go to an agency and request unemployment. Personally, that is the last thing I would ever do, but does the government understand the effect this recession has on Realtors? They will spend billions to bail out our financial sectors, billions to bail out the car makers, and billions soon to be spent on a "new" health care system. I am not saying we need billions. Personally, I do not think we need anything, except for credit to flow, taxes on small business to be lowered, and allow the free market to be well, free! Let's not let the government forget about us, but also let's not let them get in our way either. Who better to lead the rebound than small business?

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