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Report from Maggie Valley

I have not posted to the blog in a few weeks and it has been quite some time since I posted a "personal" post. Real Estate in the mountains has been hopping the last several weeks. I guess it depends on who you talk to, but overall our office has been very busy. Our listing inventory is approaching all times highs and for a company that has been here for 34+ years that is quite impressive. Yes, the market is different, but our agents have worked hard to increase our inventories and provide great customer service in the process.

We still see the daily stress of this econoomy on our sellers. It is unlikely that a day will go by and there is not a call stating how much a seller has to sell in order to improve their financial condition. We feel for each and every one and that is what motivates us every day.

The state of the economy: It is interesting to see what is going on out there. It seems to me the less the governement does the better the economy does. I am terrified of two bills lingering out there; Cap and Trade and the Health Care Bill. Both are huge government spending programs that are not the prescription that our country needs right now. Do we need to protect the envirnoment? Of course we do, but we do not have to tax the citizens of this country into poverty to accomplish it. Health care; Is it the role of a capitialist system to provide health care for the less fortunate? I do not believe it is. Should there be government oversight to be sure all have access to health care without being gouged? Of course! Why do our "leaders" believe that the government should provide for all? In "my" country there is not a level playing field. Those who work hard and use their education to advance themselves are successful. Those who do not are not successful. It is not anyones role to "level the playing field". It goes against the basic principles of our country!

Off my soap box! It has been a great summer here in the mountains with moderate days and very cool nights. We have had plenty of rain so all is lush and green. We can only hope for a great color season with the weather that we are enjoying. Not that I want to get to far ahead. We are enjoying the summer to much to see it fly away into fall.

Hope to see you in the montains soon!

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