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We will dearly miss David Johnson...


David Johnson is the husband of Gail Johnson & both are former Realty World-Heritage Realty agents. Dave had passed away last night at Mission Hospital in Asheville NC. He was a great supporter of his wife, family & Realty World in Maggie Valley NC.

Dave has also built many homes in the Maggie Valley area, including the home of the current owners of Realty World in Maggie Valley. So he will never ever be forgotten...

Realty World-Heritage Realty would like to extend their appreciation to Gail & her entire family for sharing him with us & allowing us to have met & shared great times with him. He was a GREAT man that had so much love & patience to share with everyone he encountered.. He leaves behind a world full of memories... We love & will miss him dearly & will always be here for the JOHNSON family..

Country Deli @ Market Square in Maggie Valley LOCALS specials & more..


Locals may request a LOCALS card which is good for a FREE sandwich

Working Women Promo.. get 10% off your meal by dropping off a business card..entering in a drawing for a free meal next Wednesday..

If you become a friend on their Facebook page, they'll be posting daily specials there..

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  1. Alma Olsen on

    Thank You so much for all your help and support you have all been wonderful. Just wanted to let you know that we now serve breakfast starting at 7am Tuesday - Sunday. And we close at 6pm. Also we are closed on Mondays for the time being.

    Expect "Better Times" in Late '09 Even as Unemployment Keeps Rising: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance

    Expect "Better Times" in Late '09 Even as Unemployment Keeps Rising

    Posted Aug 26, 2009 07:30am EDT by Peter Gorenstein in Investing, Recession, Housing

    After months, or maybe years, of doom and gloom, are you feeling strangely optimistic about the economy? Think buying that house isn't such a bad idea after all? You're not alone.

    Tuesday brought us more positive news on the housing and consumer front. The S&P/Case-Shiller Index rose 2.9% in the second quarter vs. the first, the first quarterly increase in home prices in three years. And, the Conference Board's consumer confidence index came in higher than expectations. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 hit its highest level of the year intraday Tuesday and has risen about 50% since bottoming in early March.

    Economists are feeling cautiously optimistic as well. David Blitzer, economist and chairman of S&P's Index Committee expects "better times in the second half" and he has a "strong sense that the recession is in the process of ending." He cites industrial production - which was up 0.5% in July - as evidence of a turn.

    But let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

    Many questions remain about the sustainability of the recovery. Blitzer predicts the jobs market will remain weak and the unemployment rate will peak "north of 10%" - even if the Fed continues its expansionary policies.

    Before we call the recession dead, one needs more proof housing has not only bottomed but is starting to improve. "Once you get into the beginning of next year housing has got be doing its part to keep this thing going," Blitzer says.

    But let's say these green-shoots do start blooming. Blitzer says we're still not out of the woods. The key then becomes the Fed's exit strategy, which Blitzer believes must be done quietly as to not spook the markets. "They don't want headlines 'Fed shifts gears' because that will get everybody nervous," he says, suggesting the risks of a double-dip outweigh inflation concerns, at least for now.

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    Ghost Town in the Sky House of Terror begins..Sept 3rd

    Just this weekend, we heard radio commercials about Ghost Town in the Sky's House of Terror.. Wonder if it's like Knott's Scary Farm in CA.. Knott's Scary Farm was pretty scary.. craziness chasing you, sitting on rides with zombies popping out unexpectedly, hypnotist.. etc..

    So for those seeking haunts & scary entertainment in Haywood County NC, it's coming to Maggie Valley.. definitely worth checking out..

    There's over 15 rooms with craziness happening.. ooh a lifesized cemetery & a couple mazes. that's not bad for scary seekers, who enjoy being scared out of their pants. For tickets & info, call (828) 926-1140 or visit their website..

    It begins Sept. 3rd & runs til Nov. 1st.. (Thursdays-Sundays)

    Ticket Prices are..


    Kids under 10-$10

    **If you paid park admission, the House of Terror is only $10

    Their website says it's not recommended for kids under 5

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    Haywood County NC Spider


    Not sure what kind of spider this is.. but it was huge & scary on the outside of our car window. Turns out it was living in our left hand mirror.. not sure how long or where we picked it up...

    Last seen in Bogart's parking lot in Waynesville.. He was a friendly fellow..

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    Grocery Auctions in Haywood County NC

    We had eaten lunch today at River Rock Grill in Waynesville NC & happened to pick up the Mountaineer while waiting for our food.. One of the lead stories caught our eye.. It said that an auction for food was held in Hazelwood close to the Super Wal-Mart. Isn't that ironic.. just down the street you can find items cheaper than Wal Mart.. about 100 people showed up to find a bargain.. It spread via word of mouth.. If we would've heard about it, we would've gone too...

    We had heard a similar story happening in Michigan.. basically what's happening is grocers are eager to hand over their goods to auctioneers if they're not able to sell them in their stores. The grocers rake in the proceeds while paying the auctioneer a commission fee.

    It's a very clever & a fun way to find a bargain. Some of the items that were auctioned off this past Friday were potatoes, cases of soda, bottled water, watermelons, candy and other items... This is too interesting not to go find out for yourself.. so don't be surprised if we have a follow up blog to share our experience at the Grocery Auction...

    If you're interested, call (828) 593-9649 for more's happening every Friday night at Edward Johnson Auctioneers- 61 Eagles Nest Road, Waynesville. Close to the Waynesville Super Walmart...

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