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Increase in State Sales and Use Tax Rate

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The 2009 North Carolina General Assembly has enacted legislation that provides for a temporary additional 1% State sales and use tax effective September 1, 2009 and will expire on July 1, 2011. Senate Bill 202 was ratified by the House of Representatives and the Senate on August 5, 2009 and has been signed by Governor Perdue.

As a result of the additional 1% State rate increase, the combined State and county tax rate will increase to 8.25% in Mecklenburg County, 8% in Alexander, Catawba, Cumberland, Haywood, Martin, Pitt, Sampson, and Surry Counties, and 7.75% in the remaining ninety-one counties.

The combined general rate of tax, which applies to telecommunications service, ancillary service, video programming, and spirituous liquor other than mixed beverages, is the State's general rate plus the sum of the rates of local tax authorized for every county in the State. Therefore, since the additional 1% has been temporarily increased, the combined general rate will increase to 8% in all counties, including Mecklenburg County, until July 1, 2011.

The following resources provide additional information about the State rate increase and you can link directly to them:

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