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Insuring Your Second Home (Investment Property) in NC

For further information please contact Wendy Carver at 828-400-0969 or email

NORTH CAROLINA FARM BUREAU~ A very competitive insurer for second homes.

Second homes, vacation properties, and rental homes account for many of the homes in our area. Frankly, figuring out how to get the maximum coverage from your insurance company for these unique exposures can sometimes be the tricky part. A comprehensive planning session with Farm Bureau Agent, Wendy Carver, can help clear up any questions. The last thing anybody wants is to find out they weren't properly covered AFTER the claim was filed.

Farm Bureau is the NUMBER ONE insurer in about 10 southern states. (Collision Expert Nov08) This member-driven company was founded in the 1940's to provide rural and agricultural protection for people was otherwise couldn't get insurance. Today, we not only cover the family farm, but all sorts of business exposure and a wide range of property types. Farm Bureau Membership is required to take advantage of the reduced-rate insurance, but what many people don't realize is that you only have to pay membership in one state! Your $25.00 North Carolina membership can allow you to insure Tennessee, Florida, Georgia property with the Farm Bureau offices of those states. (North Carolina has the cheapest membership fees as well!) Many people who frequently travel back and forth have found that the discounts on choice hotels and rental cars that come with Farm Bureau membership far outway Triple A and AARP discounts. When used one time at a choice hotel, the membership pays for itself!

Second homes insured with Farm Bureau need to be occupied by their owner at least 6 months out of the year. Those months need not be consecutive. Any vehicles that are tagged, titled, and registered in North Carolina can also be insured with Farm Bureau to qualify the homeowners for further "multi-line" discounts. Vacation properties that are rented or leased to others may be covered, only if, the owners main dwelling is insured with a Farm Bureau of NC or any other state. These types of policies are listed as "tenant occupied" and can cover contents or no contents based on how the home is rented. Any damage done by tenants is not covered by Farm Bureau, or any other insurance company for that matter. Vacant homes may be written for one year only, since then intention for any vacant home is to be sold or rented. Once occupancy type changes, your Farm Bureau Agent can make any adjustments to the policy.

Something else our "out-of-towners" have really appreciated is how coverage can be bound entirely electronically. With just a few minutes over the phone to discuses coverage details and complete the application, forms requiring signatures can be emailed to you with a keystroke. Your Farm Bureau Agent then completes the process by doing a home visit and taking a picture of the outside of your mountain retreat! Closings and mortgage transactions are all handled by the agent to make the buying experience as worry-free as possible for the new owners.

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