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Our thought for the Day... Warm Summer Days, Beer, Wine, and Swine. Oh and a little Bluegrass while you Dine!

For many of us, we endured sideways gully-washers all day yesterday only to wake up to snow and ice this morning. Makes for a perfect time to look ahead to those gorgeous summer days in Western North Carolina. What better way, than sharing the word about this year's WNC BBQ FESTIVAL "Smoking in the Valley" in beautiful Maggie Valley, NC. Now that thought just puts a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your belly. Maybe even a little growling.

BBQ Poster 8 5 x 11

Super Bowl Sunday at Legends Sports Grill

Legends Sports Grill

Super Bowl Sunday $5.00 All-U-Can-Eat Taco Buffet (till the end of the game)

All Craft Beers $2.50 pint All Day - All Night

Order Your Wing Platters For Your Home

Maggie's Only Sports Grill - Bring the Kids No Music, All Sports 24 Large TV's 926-WING 926-9464


5 Step Plan to Ease Those Tax Season Woes

Just reading the words "Tax Season" probably put a knot in the stomach of many of you. I know it does mine. Trulia blogger, Jovan Hackley has shared 5 Steps that will help ease those woes for you and your accountant. Just imagine the delight in your accountants eyes, if you gingerly walked into his office and handed him a jump drive as opposed to the shoebox full of random receipts. Or if on that day, you are able to pull up a neat log of all your mileage, not spend hours upon hours trying to go back and calculate a year's worth in that crazy game I dubbed "Just how far did I go?

So take a moment and check out these 5 steps that will surely soften the tax season stress this year and years to come.....

Trulia tax step

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    100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders by Inman News

    Recently, Inman News released its annual list of the top 100 most influential leaders in Real Estate for 2012. "They include the industry's brain trust, power brokers and deal-makers, and those outside the industry who impact the business of buying and selling homes."

    The list is organized into categories then listed alphabetically by last name. The categories are:

    Brokerages, Franchisors, Brokerage Organizations Government Industry trade groups, MLSs Media, Blogging, Social Media, Marketing Mortgage, Title, Ancillary Services Technology

    Click the image below to see the full list.

    Inman's 100 Most Influential

    Inman's 100 Most Influential

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      Austine ST26 has a fast growth rate and requires quick lawn recovery periodically. Manufacturer's Suggested List Price: $1,499 - $2,049 USD. In the spring your motor should start up with no troublel.

      Smoky Mountain National Park - Newfound Gap Landslide Update

      Great Smoky Mountains News Release Update

      Contact: Molly Schroer Phone number: 865-436-1203 Date: January 23, 2013

      Field Survey on Landslide Completed

      Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials have been working with the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) to assess damage to Newfound Gap Road (U.S. 441) as a result of a January 16 landslide. The FHWA has completed their field survey work, and are now in the initial stage of preparation work to reconstruct the 200 linear feet of road.

      This first phase of work will include the stabilization of the slide, removal of landslide debris from the work area, and the completion of a path for construction vehicles to access the section of the slide below the roadway. The work is being coordinated by the FHWA and is expected to begin as early as next week.

      While the preparation work is taking place, the design of the road repair is in the development process. The road will be reconstructed as a reinforced full slope roadway. The design will allow for the drainage of water which will protect the road and park resources from future damage. This second phase will begin when the initial site preparation work has been completed. A timeline of completion cannot be determined until the final design has been developed and approved.

      "We recognize the importance of Newfound Gap Road to our neighboring communities in our tourism based economy," said Superintendent Dale Ditmanson. "Therefore we are evaluating all reconstruction options to make sure the road work is completed in a timely but safe and efficient manner."

      The park is moving forward on re-vegetating the three acre debris field with native species to aid in sediment and erosion control. This measure will prevent run off from draining into the Beech Flats Prong stream located just below the slide area.

      While the access from Gatlinburg to Cherokee will remained closed during the construction period, Newfound Gap Road has been opened from the Gatlinburg, TN entrance to Newfound Gap, and from Cherokee, NC entrance to Smokemont Campground. Visitors who want to sight see and recreate in the park will still find opportunities through both entrances.

      __________________ Attached Photo Caption: An upslope view of the damage cause by the January 16 landslide to Newfound Gap Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

      Molly Schroer Public Affairs Office Great Smoky Mountains National Park (865) 436-1203 office (865) 210-1983 cell (865) 436-1204 (fax)

      GSMNP Landslide Upslope View

      Realty World Heritage Closing Early Today Due to Weather

      Brrrr... It's Cold out there.... And Icy too!!! Due to Old Man Winter's decision to coat our area with sleet and ice, our office will be closing around 10am today. But don't fret... your favorite realtor is just a phone call or an email away. If you wish to speak to any of the agents, you can find a complete list of cell phone numbers & emails by just clicking here.

      We do encourage everyone to stay off the roads if at all possible today. Be safe and stay warm!!!

      2012's Construction Rebound: Is It Really Rebounding...

      In the past week, the good news that real estate sales rose in 2012 has been reported by most media outlets. Just this past Saturday, we shared an article from our local paper, The Mountaineer, about the 36% increase here in Haywood County.

      Along with the increase in sales, there was an increase in new housing starts in 2012. 28% over new starts in 2011. Seems like a great jump we can all rejoice over. But is it really a rebound?

      Jed Kolko, Chief Economist at Trulia had a few "Takeaways" to share in a recent article. For starters, we are still at historically low levels of new starts. As a matter of fact, the lowest since 1959 according to the newest Census report.

      To read the entire article, "2012's Construction Rebound: Behind the Facade"... CLICK HERE.

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      New House Construction

      Great News for Home Sales in Haywood County

      While perusing The Mountaineer and enjoying my cup of coffee on a gorgeous (finally sunny) Saturday morning, I came across this article about the jump in home sales in Haywood County. Increased Real Estate Sales is one of the markers used in determining the strength of a local economy. As shared in a previous blog.... it isn't just the brokers selling the home that benefit.... many local businesses are boosted by real estate sales. Which in turn boost the local economy.

      So if you have been considering purchasing in our beautiful community, now is a great time to do so!!!

      You can read the entire article here. Home Sales up 36 Percent in Haywood County!

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      Blue Ridge Parkway Closure Report 1/16/13


      VIRGINIA STATUS Open 0.0 Rockfish Gap (I-64) to 2.2 VA RT 610 (Howardsville Turnpike) Open 2.2 VA RT 610 (Howardsville Turnpike) to 4.4 VA RT 610 (Old Draft Dr) Open 4.4 VA RT 610 (Old Draft Dr) to 13.7 VA RT 664 (Lyndhurst Rd) (Includes Humpback Rocks Visitor Center) Open 13.7 VA RT 664 (Lyndhurst Rd) to 16.0 VA RT 814 (Love Rd) Open 16.0 VA RT 814 (Love Rd) to 27.2 VA RT 56 (Tye River Rd) Open 27.2 VA RT 56 (Tye River Rd) to 29.0 VA RT 603 (Irish Creek Rd) Open 29.0 VA RT 603 (Irish Creek Rd) to 45.6 US RT 60 Open 45.6 US RT 60 to 61.4 VA R 130 (Elon Rd) UNGATED 61.4 VA RT 130 (Elon Rd) to 66.3 James River Maintenance Area (Includes James River Visitor Center) Open 66.3 James River Maintenance Area to 76.0 Apple Orchard Parking Area Open 76.0 Apple Orchard Parking Area to 85.9 VA RT 43 (Peaks Rd) (includes Peaks of Otter Lodge) UNGATED 85.9 VA RT 43 (Peaks Rd) to 91.0 Bearwallow Gap Open 91.0 Bearwallow Gap 105.8 US RT 460 Open 105.8 US RT 460 to112.2 VA RT 24 (Washington Ave) (Includes Roanoke Corridor) Open 115.2 Explorer Park Access Rd Open 112.2 VA RT 24 (Washington Ave) to 120.4 Mill Mountain (Includes Explore Park & Roanoke Mtn Camping)) Open 120.4 Mill Mountain to 121.4 US RT 220 (Includes Roanoke Corridor) Open 121.4 US RT 220 to 136.0 Adney Gap (Includes Roanoke Corridor) UNGATED 136.0 Adney Gap to 167.1 Rocky Knob Maintenance Area (Floyd, includes camping area) Open 167.1 Rocky Knob Maintenance Area to 170.4 VA RT 720 (Little Rd) (includes Rocky Knob Picnic Area) UNGATED 170.4 VA RT 720 (Little Rd) to 199.4 US RT 52 (Includes Mabry Mill) Open 199.4 US RT 52 to 200.7 Fancy Gap (I-77) Open 200.7 Fancy Gap (I-77) to 202.2 VA RT 608 (Old Appalachian Trail) UNGATED 202.2 VA RT 608 (Old Appalachian Trail) to 217.8 S. of Cumberland Knob(Includes Cumberland Knob & Music Center) Open 217.8 S. of Cumberland Knob to 220.4 NC Route 1460 UNGATED 220.4 NC Route 1460 to 226.3 NC Route 1433 Open 226.3 NC Route 1433 to 229.7 US Hwy 21 UNGATED 229.7 US Hwy 21 to 232.5 Stone Mountain Overlook

      NORTH CAROLINA STATUS Open 232.5 Stone Mountain Overlook to 236.9 Air Bellows Gap Open 236.9 Air Bellows Gap to 243.4 Bluff Mountain UNGATED 243.4 Bluff Mountain to 285.5 Bamboo Gap Open 285.5 Bamboo Gap to 288.0 Aho Gap UNGATED 288.0 Aho Gap to 290.7 Green Hill Rd Open 290.7 Green Hill Rd to 291.8 US Hwy 321/221/Blowing Rock UNGATED 291.8 US Hwy 321/221/Blowing Rock to 294.6 Sandy Flat Gap (Blowing Rock, includes Moses Cone Manor House) Open 294.6 Sandy Flat Gap (Blowing Rock) to 296.3 Price Park Picnic Area UNGATED 296.3 Price Park Picnic Area to 298.6 Holloway Mtn. Rd Open 298.6 Holloway Mtn. Rd to 305.1 US Hwy 221/Beacon Heights Open 305.1 US Hwy 221/Beacon Heights to 308.3 Roseboro Rd (Includes Linville Falls Visitor Center) to UNGATED 308.3 Roseboro Rd 317.5 US Hwy 221/Linville Open 316.5 Linville Access Rd Open 317.5 US Hwy 221/Linville to 324.7 Bear Den Mtn. Rd UNGATED 324.7 Bear Den Mtn. Rd to 330.9 NC Hwy 226/Gillespie Gap Open 330.9 NC Hwy 226/Gillespie Gap to 334.1 Little Switzerland Open 334.1 Little Switzerland to 342.1 Victor Crossing UNGATED 342.1 Victor Crossing to 344.1 NC Hwy 80 Open 344.1 NC Hwy 80 to 355.3 NC Hwy 128 (Entrance to Mount Mitchell State Park) Closed-Construction 355.3 NC Hwy 128 to 364.5 S. of Craggy Tunnel Closed-Snow and Ice 364.5 S. of Craggy Tunnel to 367.5 N. of Craggy Picnic Area Closed-Snow and Ice 367.5 N. of Craggy Picnic Area to (Includes craggy Picnic Area) 375.6 Bull Gap (Elk Mountain/Ox Creek Rd) Open 375.6 Elk Mountain/Ox Creek Access Rd Open 375.6 Bull Gap (Ox Creek Rd) to 382.0 Folk Art Center Open 377.4 Craven Gap Access Road (Town Mountain Rd) UNGATED 382.0 Folk Art Center 382.5 Hwy 70 (Tunnel Rd) Open 382.5 Hwy 70 (Tunnel Rd) to (Includes Asheville Corridor) 384.5 Park HQ and Visitor Center UNGATED 384.5 BLRI HQ/VC to (Includes Asheville Corridor) 384.7 Hwy 74 (I-40 Exit 53A) Open 384.7 Hwy 74 (I-40 Exit 53A) (Includes Asheville Corridor) to 388.8 Hwy 25 (Hendersonville Rd) Open 388.8 Hwy 25 (Hendersonville Rd) (Includes Asheville Corridor) to 393.6 NC Route 191 (Brevard Rd) Open 393.6 NC Route 191 (Brevard Rd) to 402.6 Stoney Bald Open 400.3 Forest Service Rd-Bent Creek Gap Access Rd Open 402.6 Stoney Bald to 405.5 Elk Pasture Gap Open 405.5 NC 151 Spur Access Road UNGATED 405.5 Elk Pasture Gap 408.5 Pisgah Store Open 408.5 Pisgah Store(Includes Pisgah Campground and Inn) 411.8 US RT 276 Open 411.8 US RT 276 to (Includes Graveyard Fields) 418.8 Graveyard Fields Overlook Open 418.8 Graveyard Fields Overlook 420.2 FS Rd 816 (Includes Shining Rock and Black Balsam access) Open 420.2 FS Rd 816 to (Includes Shining Rock and Black Balsam access) 423.2 Beech Gap (NC RT 215) Open 423.2 Beech Gap (NC RT 215) to 443.7 Balsam Gap (US RT 74/23) Closed-Debris in Roadway 443.7 Balsam Gap (US RT 74/23) to (Includes Waterrock Knob) 455.0 Soco Gap (US RT 19) Open 455.2 Soco Gap (US RT 19) to 458.2 Wolf Laurel Gap Open 458.2 Wolf Laurel Gap to 469.1 US RT 441 (Great Smoky Mountains National Park)

      Additional Information: Mount Mitchell State Park is open, but only accessible from the north. The Parkway is closed from Mount Mitchell State Park at NC Highway 128 (milepost 355.3) to Laurel Knob Overlook (milepost 359.8) until mid April 2013 for slide stabilization. A detour is signed in both directions. MP 443 - 455 closed due to a rock slide at MP 445 Heintooga Spur Road (458.2) is closed.

      BRP image Visit The Blue Ridge Parkway website for complete information.