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Things to Consider before Buying a Home

We have heard it all over the news, home sales are up, mortgage lenders are loosening up, prices are going up... Throw them all together and you find more folks are considering buying a home now than in recent years. For those of you that have purchased a home previously, you know what a daunting task it is. For those considering buying for the first time... it may be down right overwhelming!

A simple search of the internet provides an abundance of hints, tips, and tricks to finding your dream home. Once you lay your eyes on it.... common sense can fly right out the window. The house is suddenly surrounded by a glowing halo of light, basking you in all its glory. You think to yourself, "THIS IS IT! MY HOME SWEET HOME!" And maybe it is. Or maybe you are not seeing the overall picture, the minor details that make major differences down the road.

dream shares 14 items to consider before taking that leap in a recent article like visiting the home at different times of the day. Checking out the surrounding area to see what's near your home. Experience speaking here... having the 9pm train blow past your home every single night can be quite disruptive to a child's bedtime routine.

Verify not only the most recent taxes, but past taxes and how often re-appraisals are done.

Is there a neighborhood association and how active is it? What fees etc are required?

Chat up the neighbors. This is one time to consider the chatty, nosy neighbor a positive thing.

These steps and the others listed, may dim the halo around your dream home or burst the bubble entirely, but they are necessary to avoid buyers remorse and ensure your dream home is realistically the best home overall.

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