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2013 Homes Shown in Haywood County NC Market Update

Many market updates include real estate transactions that have sold in our area. We on the other hand, like to be able to give our clients the full picture of real estate activity in Haywood County NC. The information below gives one an idea of which price ranges are very popular, which may help a buyer look at a home differently knowing it will show again, because they are looking in a popular price range. It also assists a seller in pricing their property according to popularity to get more showings on their home. Either way, this report shows how many appointments were confirmed in 2012 & 2013. CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW IT LARGER


Report on how many homes were shown in Haywood County NC in 2013 and 2012

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  1. Martha Thomason on

    I still have that lot in Wild Turkey Cove that I would like to sell.
    • Admin on

      Hello Martha! Spring may be a good time to get that lot listed! The land market has to pick up steam at some point and you have a very nice lot.