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First-Time Real Estate Selling Tips

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If you happen to have a sale ahead that must be complete, but you want to achieve the best possible results of such a sale, then you will have to get ready for it as flawlessly as possible. Today's market is a fairly difficult place to deal with, so you will need to overcome quite a few challenges if you want to get it done. You will need to provide a good incentive for the future buyers of your property, so they can consider the purchase. You should keep in mind that its not the profit you make that helps sales, but the marketing approach and the way you treat potential clients that helps. The tips ahead will give you a better idea what you must do to make it happen without a hitch.

  • You mFirst Time Home Buyer Tipsust keep your set price to a realistic level, avoiding the temptation to increase it for more profit at the expense of the range of clients you can work with. This is one of the most common mistakes made by people, since it will essentially cut down on the prospective amount of clients you can work with. This will be like clipping your wings before you have a chance to fly on the market. You should make sure you understand that clients will be able to cross-reference for prices in the immediate area and how they scale to yours, so they will know if you're going too far. Check the prices in the area yourself and decide on the range you're willing to cover with your own.
  • It is possible you may lose some money with the sale, since you will have to make a tax assessment estimate for the property itself. You will need to put quite a bit of effort into making the home appear much better, while also addressing maintenance before you have it out on the market. This will require some good finances, but in the end it will pay off handsomely.
  • You will need to focus on promoting your property as best as you can, since this will be the major reason for a good sale. You may need the help of a good and experienced real-estate agent. Keep a good grip on the demographic you're going for in terms of sales and try to stick to it so you can make the sale. You must also do whatever you can to ensure you work on a good marketing campaign. Posters with QR codes, website listings and more are all effective ways of going for a good sale.
  • You can add some bonuses to make the deal better for the buyers, such as covering the price of some of the utilities for a given amount of time, offering one of the appliances as a bonus for the deal and more. Doing so will make the purchase much more interesting for your potential clients, so they will consider it before moving on in the worst case scenarios.

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Haywood County NC May 2014 Market Statistics Update

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May 2014

Market Statistics for Haywood County NC from May 1-May 31, 2014

Including Maggie Valley, Jonathan Creek, Waynesville, Balsam, Canton, Clyde & Lake Junaluska


RESIDENTIAL (Single Family Homes) SALES





This information below shows how many appointments were made in Haywood County NC. This helps give our clients a better perspective on which price ranges are popular in our area, here in Haywood County NC.




LAND Sales and Activity in Haywood County, NC


land stats

Lots of Character on Nice Level Lot $135,000 Short Sale!

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-Great in town location for this classic home! You will be surprised of the open floor plan for a older home. Open eat in kitchen, separate dining room, & wood floors throughout (tile in baths). One bedroom & one bath on the main level, & 2 bedrooms on the second level. Bonus "sun" room on the 2nd level as well. Home included back screened porch, covered front rocking chair porch, & 1 car detached garage. Large drive for parking & level land!

First Time Home Buyer Tips

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Much of today's searches for a new home will start on the web, allowing us easy results and finds for a lot of properties out there. A few clicks and you'll have access to hundreds or even thousands of your area's listings on a number of websites. In many cases you'll even have a chance to look at more than simple photos, but even virtual tours and aerial shots of the home and its surroundings. If you have decided what your goals will be, then you will likely have an idea how you can prepare yourself. The following tips will provide you with the knowledge you need to start your home purchase:

  • You wFirst Time Home Buyer Tipsill need the services of a good and experienced real estate agent if you want things done right. They will have a much better chance to find your dream home, one that befits your personal preferences. They will check a great number of homes before they are shown to you. If they only have a few measly offerings to show as a result of their labors, you may be working with the wrong agent.
  • Just like we do with everything new we start in our lives, the first time we do it will be the hardest. You must look for more information on what you must do to ensure things are alright. There are ways you can approach the subject, such as useful seminars for buyers, so you should do your best to check for such and take your time to attend. You will get a good knowledge base you can use when you get to the actual purchase.
  • Another thing that requires more attention is the monthly balance you'll have to work with. If you mess that up, you will have to deal with mortgage payment that goes too far. You must take a careful look at what you have to work with, making sure you lower your overall expenses. Keep in mind that mortgages are there to stay for a long time, so they will seriously set you back each month and you will need to figure other expenses as part of the package, such as taxes, insurance and maintenance which will be needed in the long run. Although owning a home seems like a great idea, the reality of the situation is that failing to organize yourself well enough will end up in the wrong numbers. Wrong numbers lead to the harsh reality of a failed budget and losing your home. Get serious and make a good budget, keeping it realistic enough to make it plausible.
  • Make a checklist and keep it around on each of the visits to the homes of your choice. This will allow you to keep things in perspective for you future choice when you get down to it. Although it won't be easy to keep track of all the properties you will likely visit, you should still do so.

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Real Estate Tips to Being a Successful Landlord

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Real Estate Landlord Tips

A key to being a good landlord is to take your time pick the good tenants and to keep your property well-maintained and ready for action. If you fail to take the time to take care of your property, or if you happen to have severGoofy Couple Holding We've Moved Sign in Room with Packed Cardboard under your wing, you will likely feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that goes into it. The following tips will give you a better idea what you can do to make it happen:

  • You should begin by checking for proper references. A lot of the renters out there can be great at giving the right impression, however they may sometimes not be the model tenants they appear to be at first glance. You should check for references just in case and follow up on them to make sure.
  • Something else you need to do is to ensure you protect your interests and the interests of the tenants you plan on having is to ensure you get everything you have in writing. Every code of conduct, every rental application, everything with no exceptions. If they need to have something fixed on the property, make sure you have it in writing as well as calling you on the phone or something similar. This will help you figure out any possible tax deductions as well as having a documented history of your dealings with each of your tenants.
  • You will need to make sure you provide a good, reliable residence. You must ensure you have the grounds clean and fresh-looking. Depending on where your property is located, you may want to look into more security options. Doing so will not only keep your tenants nice and safe, but it may also help with lowering your insurance premiums.
  • You must work on picking your managers very carefully. If you simply do not have some time to manage your properties, then you will be in dire need of a good manager. Your success mostly depends on how you handle the situation, so you need to make your choice very carefully, so pick the perfect person for the job.
  • The other thing that needs attention is the maximum rental insurance you have available. A liability insurance will be extremely useful and necessary to protect the property from serious losses. Depending on your location you will likely need to do this insurance in varying ways, so make sure you research what needs to be done before you set out renting the place out.
  • You should make sure you deal with all necessary repairs as fast as you can. Your tenants will need to have good living conditions. When it comes to fixtures and appliances, you simply can't delay any of the necessary repairs or else your reputation will suffer alongside the worth of your property.
  • You should make sure you respect the privacy of the tenants as well as never discriminating against race, religion or gender. These things may end up in costly and completely unnecessary lawsuits that can be easily avoided with just some common courtesy, giving everyone a fair chance. By making use of Kensington Man with a Van services you save your time, money and nerves.