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The Art of Maintaining a Good Client Agent Relationship

The Art of Maintaining a Good Client-Agent Relationship

Is your relationship with your estate agent getting frosty? Is it becoming harder and harder to communicate with them? If so, then it may not be the arrangement you initially expected. But, it doesn't have to be that way; there are steps you can take to stop things going down such a negative path. The following looks at what you can do to maintain the quality of your client/agent relationship.


When it comes to real estate, odds are there is a fair amount of money riding on the outcome of the transaction. This means you need to trust your estate agent to act when necessary. This trust also needs to run both ways, as they need to trust you to make important decisions and commitments. In a client-agent relationship trust must go both ways.

RespectfulThe Art of Maintaing a Good Client-Agent Relationship (1)

You may want your property sold or bought sooner rather than later, but you must understand that it will never be quite as simple as that. The world of real estate is tough to navigate and you must be respectful of the fact that at times things may not move as quickly as you would like. Be respectful of your agent, and as long as they are moving forward, then remain positive. The same goes for them towards you, do things on your own time and the agent should always be respectful. They should never force you into a decision you don't feel comfortable with,


The best agents in the field will always be open to suggestions, however you must be aware that you can't control everything on your own. An agent will know the field best and you should trust them to an extent to lead the way. Everything from advertising to viewings should be handled by the agent and not you personally. Remember, the worst thing can do is smother the buying or selling process.


In this day an age the realms of communication have become largely text based, this can be helpful when it comes to relaying quick messages. However, it pays dividends to have phone or face-to-face conversations with your agent, to get a full breakdown on what's happening. Next time you want to speak to your agent, try and cut down on the emails, pick up the phone or pop into the office and see them.

Be Prepared to Pay

Estate agents work off commissions; it is what motivates them 90% of the time. There have been many stories of clients trying to renegotiate commission rates when already in a contract, or try and stiff an agent during the completion phase. Don't be one of these people; choosing to renege on an agreed commission can open up a whole host of issues. It can leave your agent feeling disinterested, cause a break of contract, or worst of all leave you facing legal action.


When it comes to buying or selling property, honesty is always the best policy. Give your estate agent each and every parameter you're looking from day one, and if selling don't hide anything. If your property has problems don't try and hide it. Doing such will only lead to problems later down the line, so if you are already guilty of this do your best to come clean sooner rather than later.


Last but no means least, always try and keep appointments and be punctual. For both you and your agent time maybe precious, so keep on top of things whenever possible. Above all else never be a no-show, it may just lead to the end of the client-agent relationship for good.

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