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REALTY WORLD-Heritage has loss a family member today

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We are very sad to have learned the news of Everett D Messer's passing. His wife, Nina Messer was an agent with REALTY WORLD-Heritage Realty for a number of years & in 2012, she decided to hang up her license so she can take care of her loved ones more closely. During Nina's years with our office, she would contribute many home cooked meals for our birthday potluck lunches & for other occasions. She was always using the veggies Everett, aka, Tot, grew in his own garden. Everett was always a breath of fresh air & can always manage to put a smile on one's face because he just could. If you've ever met Nina, she is exactly the same way. These two together were always a wonderful home cooked meal with a huge smile to warm your heart, which one would guess was the key ingredient to make it memorable. So between her green beans, chicken casserole, or sweet corn were always a special gift by them when they walked into our office to share their food & their unconditional love & support.

One would say that Tot was our Candy Corn supplier, because he always had a crop that grew the sweetest & most delicious corn. When he walked into the office with fresh veggies, one had to claim as much as they could because his golden touch with growing things were truly a gift. He at one point would try & sell them at the farmers market stand that he set up in front of Babcocks in Waynesville. Sure enough, when you saw Everett & his goods at his stand, one had to wave & smile big, because he was always returning the same gesture. Soon after one, had to make a mental note to ask Nina to save some of the goods he was selling because one wanted to buy some of his treasures.

Everett D Messer truly loved his Nina, he even carved her name on a bridge & one day when the office was on caravan (when our office goes out to preview our listings together), Nina pointed out the bridge that housed her name, compliments of her Tot, during their courting days. He also loved his kids & grandchildren & all those that he'd accepted as his adoptive grandkids from REALTY WORLD-Heritage Realty. He always had something to share with the kiddos.

There is so much more we can share about Everett D Messer, but one thing for sure is he was a fighter, he had proven that over & over again by our numerous visits to him in the hospital, throughout the years to show him how much we love & cared for him. This past visit we hoped to hear the news that he'd recovered from this past challenge & was going home soon. However, this morning, we heard a different tune & now our hearts are hurting for Nina & her family, but grateful Tot is no longer suffering.

The office family knew him as Tot, & the kids of REALTY WORLD-Heritage knew him as Papaw.. His heart was as bright as gold, but as big as the world. He would always give the shirt off his back if needed, but you'd have to listen to one of his jokes so he can get a chuckle out of you first. We love & will truly miss you Tot.. & REALTY WORLD-Heritage will always continue to remember you & the love you, Nina & your kids have shared with us..

Rest in Peace Tot/Papaw..

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