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Another ELK sighting behind Realty World-Heritage in Maggie Valley NC

So as we were headed back to the office after lunch, we managed to capture these 3 gorgeous Elks, just walking at a leisurely pace headed toward the creek behind Realty World-Heritage Realty. It's so awesome to be driving around Maggie Valley NC & elk sightings are a very common occurrence. These elks are not afraid of Hwy. 19 (Soco Road) traffic or people getting too close. To see them so comfortable in our own town of Maggie Valley NC just melts many hearts.

One sighting, we had seen them just sitting in the front yard of a home, next to Tony's Tube World in Maggie Valley. A visitor from Virginia said, they can't be wild. She thought they were pets of the homeowner. Of course, we corrected her & told her that they were wild & roaming free, here in Maggie Valley NC. She could not believe how exciting that was for them to experience.

Another sighting was when, driving back to REALTY WORLD-Heritage & just right before the Sunoco gas station, we noticed something odd sticking up next to the guard rails, at Stonebridge Campground. We were driving about 45-50 mph, so it was a quick realization that they were huge Elk antlers. In our rear view mirror, sure enough we had confirmation that there were 2 Elks just hanging out at the campground, close to the road, but separated by guard rails. These were sightings just in the last few weeks. Here's a video & some pictures for you to enjoy. Next time you come to Maggie Valley NC, keep your eyes open, actually its really not to hard to miss them, but they like the creek behind our office a lot... Thanks for reading about our Elk sightings.

Elk hanging out maggie valley nc

Elk sighting Maggie Valley NC

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