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Fire Ban & Water Conservation PSA - Maggie Valley, NC

From the Town of Maggie Valley:

A reminder that the Haywood County Fire Ban is in effect and is being enforced. There are to be no open flames outdoors; not even a candle on a picnic table.

The lack of water continues to get worse. To follow is an excerpt from the 11/14/16 Board of Aldermen Meeting.

4) Mandatory Water Conservation Update: Neil Carpenter, Maggie Valley Sanitary District The Maggie Valley Sanitary District have made great efforts since the volunteer water conservation mandate was issued. The District collects water from Campbell Creek and Jonathan Creek. The District has only pulled water from Jonathan Creek since August 2016 due to the low water volume in Campbell Creek. The District has never seen drought conditions like this before. The longest the District has ever not pulled water from Campbell Creek is twenty (20) days.

The District has constructed a pump station to connect to provide water from Waynesville if needed. The problem is the water conservation efforts are county-wide. The Town of Waynesville's water reservoir is down five (5) feet. If the reservoir reaches six (6) feet then the Town of Waynesville will face mandatory water restrictions.

If Haywood County does not receive relief and get rain, Maggie Valley will be on mandatory water conservations and the District will limit water access if needed. The next step will be water restrictions.

Cataloochee Ski Resort is limited on the amount of water they have in reserves to make snow. Cataloochee Ski Resort is not on District water. District Manager Carpenter talked with the owner of Tony's Tube World about the water conservation efforts and Mr. Waddell agree to assist in the water conservation efforts and will not open Tony's Tube World until the water situation improves. Alderman Banks addressed District Manager Carpenter about the Maggie Valley Sanitary District (MVSD) not having an emergency number to report water leaks. Alderman Banks and a fellow neighbor in the Horseshoe Cove Development tried unsuccessfully to contact the Sanitary District to report a water leak on Creekside Drive. Manager Clark happened to drive through the area and was able to report the leak due to his contact numbers that are not available to the public. Alderman Banks had contacted Public Works Director Mike Mehaffey to report the leak so that he could make contract with someone at the MVSD. The District needs to address this issue immediately.

District Manager Carpenter will address the issue first thing in the morning. The MVSD does have someone on duty at the water department 24/7.

Alderman Eveland added that now that it is November and the tourist season is over and the summer residents have left the water consumption should slow considerable.

The MVSD treated 700,000 gallons of water, which is lowest amount of water treated in twelve (12) years.

Alderman Eveland, owner of the largest motel in Maggie Valley, questioned if motels would be going on restricted water use. Alderman Eveland went on to question providing water to Elevated Distillery when the business is ready to open.

No one knows what the future is and what Haywood County residents and business owners will be mandated to do before this drought is over and the water sources are replenished. The Distillery will not be opening until December or later.

Please conserve water and avoid all outdoor flames.

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